Natural Value Performance and the Nature Positive Journey

Transitioning from “business-as-usual” to “business-as-natural” is key to achieving a nature positive economy. Explore this paradigm shift and discover how Natural Value Performance can help your business navigate this path.

Natural Value Performance or NVP. This is the name to have in mind.

Transitioning from “business-as-usual” to “business-as-natural” is key to achieving a nature positive economy.

Whether motivated by societal expectations, consumer demands, brand image or our own values, integrating nature-based targets and actions is now paramount for business longevity.

Initiatives from leading international organisations have emerged to ensure that businesses integrate nature-related risks and opportunities into their corporate strategies and reporting mechanisms. These include the World Economic Forum, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Business4Nature, Science Based Targets Network, Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, among others.

To enhance the existent initiatives, NVP comes to life and provide the necessary tools to explore this paradigm shift and the need for nature integration in business and, therefore, enabling businesses to navigate this path.

Natural Value Performance: what is it

Our reliance on nature to drive the economy is not new, but the concept of building a nature positive economy is rapidly gaining traction as we begin to understand our nature-related dependencies and impacts.

“Nature positive” goes beyond our previous conviction of “be neutral” and “do no harm”, to leveraging the full economic performance gained from delivering goals based on themes such as biodiversity restoration and climate change resilience, to achieve a respectful, fair, and prosperous future for all.

In response to the market-led demand to mainstream nature risks into decision-making, we present Natural Value Performance (NVP).

In simple terms, NVP is a tool that allows companies and organisations to understand and track their impact on nature around the world.

NVP uses near-real time global satellite information, digital innovation, and expert-based verification to monitor nature-based indicators in a friendly and integrative web platform.

Also, NVP makes it possible to calculate the natural capital balance associated with business activities, enabling users to make informed decisions throughout their nature positive journey.

Embracing a nature positive approach with NVP

Natural Value Performance can be used by a diverse range of economic sectors to measure and track the performance of nature values in relation to business activities. It supports companies dedicated to infrastructure development and the built environment by measuring the impacts of expanding infrastructure networks into natural habitats and monitoring the success of compensation, mitigation and/or restoration measures.

For agriculture and forestry, NVP offers a way to monitor a company’s natural value footprint and helps to decide which land-oriented activities are most effective to maintain and improve natural capital.

NVP also helps the renewable energy sector to measure its impacts on nature and monitor any measures taken to counterbalance these impacts.

NVP uses the most up-to-date information from satellite imagery (Copernicus Sentinel data), together with expert-based supervision, to ensure the information our customers obtain accurately reflects the state and performance of nature values within their areas of influence, anywhere around the world.

Based on remote sensing indices from satellite imagery, NVP calculates the value of informative indicators to track the status of natural capital and ecosystem services over time. The indicators calculated by NVP make it possible to obtain natural capital balances, which are expressed in the same metric (hectare equivalent) to allow comparability and easy interpretation across multiple projects around the world.

Through a user-friendly dashboard, NVP allows multiple projects to be combined and analysed, so that natural capital indicators and balances can be calculated, visualised, and downloaded to track a company’s impact on nature.

This is essential for obtaining nature-based information in a timely manner that can be used to report on a company´s relationship with nature, a requirement of ever-growing initiatives such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) disclosure requirements and beyond!

Natural Value Performance: join the nature positive economy

Get to know Natural Value Performance in detail. Integrate nature into your business and financial decision-making to support a nature positive economy!