Global nature performance data and analytics provider 

Integrating nature into business and financial decision-making

Our driving force

Our driving force is nature. That decisions on the management of ecosystems are informed by robust and up-to-date scientific knowledge. That data can be used intuitively to monitor the impact of companies and other institutions on the natural world.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide tools, data, and expert guidance to assess the way institutions interact with nature to support a nature positive economy.

Who makes NVP happen

NVP is a purpose-driven initiative resulting from a unique nature-tech collaboration between Natural Business Intelligence (NBI) and Data CoLAB, with a goal to revolutionise the way we measure and understand impacts on nature through technology.

Our partnership merges the deep nature-based expertise of NBI with the cutting-edge technologies of Data CoLAB, resulting in the creation of a powerful digital platform designed to assess and quantify the impacts of human activities on our natural environment.

Natural Business Intelligence
A Business & Ecology consultancy focused on creating options for a “business as natural” economy, through nature-based options for managing and valuing ecosystems and biodiversity.
Data CoLAB
A private non-profit association, recognised by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) as a Collaborative Laboratory for data-driven innovation services, focused on developing solutions that promote the intelligent use of data to improve the way we produce, consume, and live.

Our Executive Team

Nuno Oliveira

Strategic Business Development

Sofia Vaz

Ecosystem Services Accounting

Francisco Marques

Remote Sensing & GIS

Paula Sampaio

Operations and Business Development

Ana Gonçalves

Product Development

Rachelle Amess

Sustainibility Specialist

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