Evaluate your impacts on nature!

Using remote sensing indices derived from satellite images, NVP calculates your impact on nature using a set of key indicators for different ecosystem services, based on the international classification standard.

Provisioning services

Represent the potential of ecosystems to deliver material goods and products to people, such as wood from a forest, or fresh water from a river. 

Agricultural areas

Areas potentially contributing to the growth of harvestable crops

Agricultural areas play a fundamental role in food production, economic impact through rural employment, soil health, water resources and carbon sequestration, among others. 

Pastures for livestock

Areas potentially supporting livestock production

Meadow and pasture areas are often related to essential resources for livestock and pastoral livelihoods, but they can also be key areas for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, water regulation and soil erosion.

Surface water

Area of surface water

The availability of surface water has an impact on the health of ecosystems, the supply of fresh water, recreational and tourist activities, and even on supporting the production of hydroelectric power. 

Regulating services

Represent the capacity of ecosystems to regulate and maintain ecological processes in order to provide beneficial conditions for people.

Soil protection

Vegetation areas protecting soil from erosion

Soil plays a critical role in food security, but also in maintaining functional biodiversity and mitigating climate change in the long term. 

Habitat maintenance

Areas for terrestrial vegetation habitats

The presence of vegetation is essential for maintaining habitat and conserving biodiversity by supporting species that have essential ecosystem functions.

Hydrological control

Vegetation areas with the ability to retain and regulate water processes

Vegetation plays a multifaceted role in water retention and therefore in the hydrological maintenance of ecosystems, which are essential for maintaining the health and resilience of water resources around the world. 

Climate regulation

Vegetation areas contributing to climate regulation

Through photosynthetic processes, vegetation contributes to carbon sequestration and storage, which has implications for local and global climate. 

Wildfire resilience

Areas with reduced susceptibility to fire due to vegetation

Improving an area’s resilience to fires is crucial for the safety of communities, the health of ecosystems and adaptation to climate change. 

Cultural services

Represent the intangible services of ecosystems that contribute to a series of often intangible benefits, such as the recreational value of a forest or the aesthetics of a landscape. 

Landscape appreciation

Biophysical characteristics of landscapes that make them attractive for appreciation

 A landscape with a diverse mosaic of colours tends to be more attractive, promoting mental health, a sense of belonging and other personally fulfilling interactions in nature. 

Key functions

Empower your nature-related initiatives with NVP, a cutting-edge digital platform combining satellite remote sensing technology and advanced data analytics to provide near real-time insights into ecosystem impacts.

Satellite Sensing

NVP leverages the most up-to-date satellite images to remotely identify and monitor changes in key ecosystem indicator areas. With the expertise of our natural capital specialists, NVP ensures you stay informed about your impacts on nature.


Generate detailed reports from your desktop to communicate the state of your impact on nature with clarity and transparency. NVP produces comprehensive assessments, trend analyses, and impact evaluations. Whether it's compliance reporting, risk assessments, or performance metrics, NVP supports evidence-based strategies for effective nature management.

Data analysis

NVP transforms raw satellite data into meaningful information with our powerful data analytics tools to empower data-driven decision-making. With NVP, you can monitor ecosystem performance metrics in near real-time and gain actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.


Visualise ecosystem impacts at your fingertips with our user-friendly dashboard. Monitor key indicators, track performance over time, and assess ecosystem changes in near real-time. Upload your own projects and export reports to quantify and track your impact on nature using custom configurations.

Start your nature positive journey today!