Track the progress of your nature positive journey

NVP is a remote desktop solution for autonomous nature monitoring and impact reporting almost anywhere around the world in near real-time

Quantify nature impacts and responses

NVP employs sophisticated algorithms to transform satellite imagery data into natural capital metrics to quantify nature impacts and responses quickly and transparently, in a simple consistent unit of measure (hectares equivalent), almost anywhere around the world.

Combine and anlyse multiple projects

NVP allows you to integrate multiple projects, offering a digital solution that combines and analyses data sets from several individual or aggregated projects. Visualise the natural capital balance in your project portfolio based on criteria that best suits your business.

Understand your natural capital balance

NVP goes beyond traditional reporting to provide a clear overview of the natural capital balance of a single project, or across your entire portfolio.

Provide decision-makers with a macro view of nature-related challenges and opportunities across your entire portfolio in one place.

Track performance over time

NVP’s cutting-edge technology provides intuitive tools that empower you to monitor the progress of your impact on nature, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement.

Access past performance data with ease to analyse trends over months or years.

Improve decision-making and communication

NVP offers customisable reporting templates, visualisations, and dashboards, making it easy to share insights with stakeholders, funders, and the public.

Transform complex ecosystem performance data into actionable insights through impactful charts and graphs.

For any industry sector

Infrastructure and Energy

Measure the impacts of infrastructure network expansion on natural habitats. Monitor the effect of compensatory, mitigation and/or restoration measures.

Example: Construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, railways, and installation of energy infrastructure such as solar panels.

Agriculture and Forestry

Assess natural value and help determine which land-oriented activities are most effective in maintaining and enhancing natural capital.

Example: Agriculture, viticulture, and forestry with an impact on land: establishment of forests, clearing of forests, expansion of agricultural areas, and forest restoration projects.


Obtain information related to nature risks and opportunities and support decision making in insurance, investment and banking.

Example: Real estate investment funds and similar, that invest in land management for nature credits, and others.

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