Tracking the progress of your nature positive journey

Key Features

A remote desktop solution for autonomous nature monitoring and impact reporting almost anywhere around the world in near real-time

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Quantify nature impacts and response

NVP uses satellite data to provide a remote macro-scale assessment of changes in natural capital and ecosystem services in near real-time.

Key ecosystem indicators

NVP monitors ecosystem areas in a simple consistent unit of measure (hectares equivalent), providing up-to-date information on key indicators such as surface water, wildfire resilience, climate regulation, and more.

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Combine and analyse multiple projects

NVP allows you to integrate various projects across your organisation almost anywhere around the world, for easy comparability and interpretation of your impacts on nature.

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Understand your natural capital balance

NVP provides natural capital balances for key nature performance indicators, providing a holistic view of the nature impacts of a single project, or across your entire portfolio.

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Track performance over time

Gain visibility into key nature performance indicators such as agricultural areas, soil protection, and habitat maintenance, enabling you to track your nature performance over time, including past performance data for trend analysis.

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Improve decision-making and communication

NVP presents nature performance data as impactful visual graphics making it easier to understand your nature risks and opportunities, inform decision-making and communicate progress towards a nature positive future.

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Your solution for nature value performance tracking

NVP provides an integrated assessment of your nature impacts which can be aligned with the LEAP approach (Locate, Evaluate, Assess and Prepare) recommended by international frameworks for nature disclosures. 

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Locate your interactions with nature using satellite remote sensing
NVP uses the most up-to-date satellite images from the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission to identify and map your interface with nature almost anywhere around the world in near real-time. Data is interpreted and validated with the support of our natural capital experts.
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Evaluate your impacts on nature
Based on a series of remote sensing indices derived from satellite images, NVP calculates changes on natural capital areas using a set of key indicators for different ecosystem services, aligned with the international classification standard for ecosystem services.
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Get information to help you assess your nature-related risks and opportunities
NVP information helps you to assess how nature is responding or being impacted on by your business activities over time, including, for instance, change in land use, infrastructure construction, restoration actions or compensation measures.
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Use NVP data to respond to nature-related risks and opportunities
NVP calculates and monitors the natural capital balance associated with your business activities, enabling you to make informed decisions throughout your nature positive journey.
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Report on your nature-related impacts across your entire portfolio
Visualise macro-level site data in user-friendly dashboards and graphics. Download reports to quantify and track your impact on different ecosystem services based on user-defined configurations adapted to your own needs.
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Prepare for the future of nature-based reporting

NVP provides nature-based information in near real-time, that can be reported under corporate disclosure frameworks related to nature-related risks and impacts.

Business reporting

Nature-based reporting helps companies understand, manage, and communicate their impacts on ecosystems, contributing to more sustainable and resilient business practices.

Financial reporting

Financial institutions are increasingly aware of the importance of nature risks and opportunities for businesses. This creates a pressing need for companies to report on the impacts of their business on ecosystem services, as well as any mitigation and compensation measures.

Sustainability reporting

Organisations are increasingly motivated to disclose the risks and impacts of their projects and activities on nature under international reporting frameworks. In some cases, this disclosure is mandatory, and there is growing pressure for others to communicate and disclose their interface with nature.

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