Sustainability and Ethics Policy

  1. Parties

NBI – Natural Business Intelligence, NIPC 515935239, headquartered at Régia Douro Park 5000-033 Andrães, Vila Real, Portugal, hereinafter also referred to as NBI, and L.C.S.D – Data CoLAB Association – Collaborative Laboratory for Data-Driven Innovation Services, NIPC 516540068, headquartered at Avenida de Cabo Verde, Lote 1, 4900-568 Viana do Castelo, hereinafter also referred to as Data CoLAB, are the Entities that own the Natural Value Performance (NVP) Platform and Website.

Throughout the Policy, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “Proprietary Entities” refer to both of the aforementioned Entities (namely, NBI and Data CoLAB).

  1. Concepts

For the purposes of this Sustainability and Ethics Policy, the concepts listed below will have the following definitions:

2.1. “NVP Platform” means the domain

2.2. “Website” means the domain

  1. About Us

The Proprietary Entities have a deep respect for nature, a strong commitment to sustainability as well as ethics, and also have the conviction that only socially responsible companies that work proactively to combat climate change and to develop inclusive, fair and diverse communities will create significant and long-term value. 

NBI and Data CoLAB have a responsible structure, in which a culture of diversity and inclusion, recognition of individual value and continuous development of talents predominates. 

In this way, these Entities strive to balance technological advancement with environmental and social responsibility. They strive to promote sustainable practices and want companies (in general) to be able to integrate technological development into decision-making related to the environment and, therefore, to society, to promote and achieve a nature-positive economy. 

Therefore, all the initiatives/projects of the aforementioned Proprietary Entities, including the NVP project, have underlying principles and commitments of responsible action, in the ethical, social and environmental dimensions. 

With this Sustainability and Ethics Policy, NBI and Data CoLAB, together with its people, employees, suppliers, partners, government and regulatory entities, industry and society in general, intend to demonstrate that they are absolutely committed to the implementation of a sustainable development model, capable of contributing to the construction of a more pleasant and favorable future for all.

  1. Purpose of the NVP project

With the NVP project, both Proprietary Entities intend for companies (in general) to become aware of the theme “nature” and to integrate it, in a conscious and informed way, into business and financial decision-making, to promote and achieve a nature positive economy. 

  1. Mission

The mission of the Proprietary Entities is to provide expert tools, data and guidance for businesses to assess how they interact with nature, in order to support the transformation to a nature-positive economy/ green economy.

  1. Vision

We intend to contribute so that the business processes of decision-making related to the management of nature’s values are done in a conscious, informed way that are supported by robust and up-to-date scientific knowledge, that is intuitive and capable of monitoring the impact of companies on the environment.

  1. Goals

The Proprietary Entities are absolutely committed to creating solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on society, companies and nature – an impact that will certainly make a difference in the ecological footprint of each company and, above all, in future generations.

Thus, in order to achieve the “Mission” and “Vision” set out in items 5 and 6 above, the Proprietary Entities have the following main objectives, namely:

  1. Related to the planet/environment:
  • Foster a culture in which nature is considered an integral part of sustainable business; 
  • Proactively consider future climate conditions and the transition to a nature-positive economy, in all services/projects of both Proprietary Entities, namely, the NVP project;
  • Look for opportunities to improve natural and social environments.
  1. Related to the Proprietary Entities:
  • Consider sustainability aspects during decision-making;
  • Monitor and improve the performance of the Proprietary Entities, with regard to the sustainability of both;
  • Support local economies;
  • Create tools that are useful to the community and business customers, always taking nature into consideration; 
  • Understand the local community context through appropriate engagement with stakeholders;
  • Establish and comply with strict ethical and legal standards in the collection, storage, and use of data;
  • Reduce waste and promote the sustainable use of energy, water and materials;
  • Make the NVP project sustainable through recruitment, employee training and partnerships with other entities;
  • Act based on principles of equality and treat all customers, partners, employees and suppliers of the project with professionalism, respect and loyalty;
  • Provide clients with all the necessary conditions for informed decision-making;
  • Inform customers of any risks associated with the use of the products and services provided;
  • Ensure the necessary conditions for the safe use of our services, ensuring availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy.
  • Empower the work team in the NVP project, with all the necessary skills for its development and execution;
  • Prioritize sustainable operations. 
  1. Customer Related:
  • Help the project’s clients and the partners of the Proprietary Entities to achieve the maximum positive results (both for them and for nature), so that they can reduce their ecological footprint through digital innovation.
  1. Related to our employees: 
  • Promote a healthy and safe work environment, which prevents risks, injuries and the occurrence of incidents, respecting the law and applicable health and safety standards;
  • Promote a work environment that fosters diversity and inclusion, equal access to personal and professional development opportunities;
  • Promote talent, well-being and work-life balance.
  1. Related to the conduct of business:
  • Ensure the application and compliance with all ethical and moral principles and rules regarding our people, employees, suppliers and business partners;
  • Treat our people, employees, suppliers and business partners with respect and politeness;
  • Honour the commitments made;
  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in force;
  • Contribute to raising awareness of stakeholders on ethical, environmental and social issues.

Last Release Date: January 30, 2024