How does NVP work?

NVP uses the most up-to-date information from satellite imagery (Copernicus mission), which is subjected to remote sensing procedures and expert-based validation, to ensure the information our customers obtain accurately reflets the state and performance of nature values around the world.

One of NVP’s most popular features is the Natural Capital Balance (NCB) report, which provides a set of key indicators on different ecosystem services, based on the Common International Classifications of Ecosystem Services (CICES):

Cultivated areas – Ecosystem contribution to the growth of harvestable crops

Grasslands and pastures – Ecological contribution to livestock production

Surface water – Surface water in the area during mid-season

Soil protection – Prevention of soil erosion due to the stabilising effects of vegetation

Water maintenance – The ability of vegetation to retain and regulate water processes

Wildfire resilience – The reduction in fire incidence, intensity or speed of spread, due to vegetation

Habitat maintenance – Ecosystem’s contribution to providing habitats for pollinators, seed dispersal and species populations

Carbon sequestration – Ecosystem’s contribution to the atmosphere, air and climate as a result of vegetation

Landscape attractiveness – Biophysical characteristics or qualities of landscapes that make them attractive for appreciation

Data for these indicators is updated frequently, providing a transparent and timely view of how nature is responding or being impacted on by business activities and projects, including, for instance, change in land use, infrastructure construction, restoration actions or compensation measures.

NVP uses the most up-to-date satellite images from the Copernicus mission to identify and map areas with the greatest nature value around the world, with the support of natural capital experts who interpret and validate the data

Based on a series of remote sensing indices derived from satellite images, NVP calculates informative indicators to track the status and progress of different ecosystem services over time

The indicators obtained though the NVP support framework make it possible to obtain a natural capital balance, which are expressed in the same metric (hectares equivalent) to allow comparability and easy interpretation for our clients

NVP includes a user-friendly dashboard where our clients can upload their own projects and activities, and download reports to quantify and track their impact on different ecosystem services based on user-defined configurations adapted to their own needs