About us

We are a purpose-driven team: integrating nature into business and financial decision-making.


Our vision is that decision-making options on the management of nature values are informed by robust and up-to-date scientific knowledge, that can be used intuitively to monitor the impact of companies on the natural world.


Our mission is to provide tools, data, and expert guidance to assess the way companies around the world interact with nature, in order to support a nature-positive economy.

Businesses and sectors

We work in various sectors to help companies assess their impact on nature values, with a view to creating positive change around the world:

Everything from a single facility to a city, and from roads, railways and airports to the utility networks that supply and connect us. We help companies measure the impacts of expanding infrastructure networks into natural habitats and to monitor the success of any compensation, mitigation, and/or restoration measures.

Land use changes associated with agriculture and forestry play an important role in providing natural resources and ecosystem services. We help companies that monitor nature values to understand their natural capital footprint and decide on business-oriented activities to maintain and improve natural capital.

While the development of capacity for renewable energy is essential for tackling the climate emergency, there is growing recognition of the risks it poses to biodiversity and ecosystem services, both for this growing sector and for the associated infrastructure. We help the renewable energy sector to measure its impacts on nature and monitor any compensation measures to counterbalance these impacts.

Financial institutions are increasingly aware of the importance of nature risks and opportunities for businesses. This creates a pressing need for companies to report on the impacts of their business on biodiversity and ecosystem services, as well as any compensation measures. We help companies to obtain nature-based information in a timely manner, that can be reported in corporate disclosure frameworks related to nature-related risks and impacts, such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).