About NVP

Natural Value Performance (NVP) is a tool that enables companies and other organisations to understand and track their impact on nature around the world. NVP uses global satellite information and expert-based verification to provide a set of informative indicators to map, quantify and report on the impacts, dependencies, and responses of a company´s activities on nature, in a fast and easy to use integrative web platform. NVP makes it possible to calculate and monitor the natural capital balance associated with business activities, enabling users to make informed decisions throughout their nature positive journey.

NVP makes it possible to identify the areas that have the greatest nature value in terms of natural capital and ecosystem services.

NVP makes it possible to quantify the impacts and any compensation measures associated with business activities on nature.

The reports provided by NVP make it possible to monitor the change in natural values in relation to the impacts that business activities have on ecosystems.

NVP outputs will assist companies to make informed decisions in their nature positive journey.